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How To Install Your House Numbers and Plaques

All of our house numbers and plaques come with concealed mounting hardware that casts a subtle shadow to create “floating” house numbers. Every shipping also includes a full-scale drilling template, as well as instructions for easy installation. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about installing your Vivid House Numbers, please call 1-877-821-6182 or email Our professional, friendly customer care representatives are standing by, ready to help.

House numbers installation - Step 1: Level template at location

Step 1

Level template on the chosen location.

House numbers installation - Step 2: Drill holes

Step 2

Drill holes using a 11/64” drill bit - dowels are 3/16”.

For rock and concrete installations use carbide tipped.
House numbers installation - Step 3: Put all-weather silicone on end of dowel and place dowel in holes

Step 3

Place all-weather silicone or epoxy on the end of the dowel and place the dowel in the holes located on the back of the numbers.

House numbers installation - Step 4: Put half inch spacer on dowel

Step 4

Put half inch spacer on dowel.

Step 5

Place all-weather silicone or epoxy in the wall holes that were drilled in step 2.

House numbers installation - Step 6: Put dowels into the holes in the wall

Step 6

Put dowels (which should be attached to the numbers) into the drilled holes.